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Feeling Stuck

Hello there, I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been in a state of feeling “stuck” over the past month, leaving me feeling uninspired to write…or do much of anything for that matter.  If you’ve ever felt “stuck” you know it’s not a great feeling and getting yourself out of this state of mind is no easy feat.  Unfortunately, this feeling has been coming on all too often over the past few months as I try to navigate through this thing called life, find my purpose and really live up to my potential.

So you know what I’ve decided to do?  A couple of weeks ago I decided to crash my own pity party and, for the umpteenth time, pushed forward.  I took a look at self-sabotaging habits and behaviors that I had picked up again; eating (in excess) foods that I know are not great for me, drinking alcohol and coffee, bringing my phone into bed, almost guaranteeing that I will not get more than a couple hours of sleep that night, not making time to cook or go to my gym classes, picking at my face (yes, I know, super disgusting), not putting my keys away (resulting in several panic-driven searches a week) shopping that only brings me temporary happiness and then leaves me with feelings of guilt and regret, not responding to text messages or emails because I feel too overwhelmed and anxious to even see what they say… the list can go on, but you get the idea.  So why was I engaging in these again?  Why was I sabotaging my life day after day after day?  I know the underlying reasons all to well.  Fear, lack of confidence, worthlessness.

I want to clarify that these are things that I know not to work for ME.  I do not pass any judgement on those that engage in the above, these behaviors have just proved not to add enough to MY life to continue to do them.

I gave myself a quick pat on the back.  Recognition and awareness is the first hurdle to get over.  Next up: responsibility.  This was a tough one.  I think it’s easier for us as human beings to point at everything and anything around us as reasons as to why we are the way we are.  We have a hard time accepting that we might actually have more control over our situation and lives than we think.  I’d love to elaborate on this one a little more, but maybe I’ll leave that for another post:)  After taking a good long look at where I’ve been, where I am and where I want to go, I was able to take responsibility for the good, the bad and the ugly.  And you know what?  Taking 100% responsibility wasn’t as scary as I thought.  It left me feeling empowered, motivated and really in control.  It was up to me what happened from that moment forward.

So, a couple of weeks ago I opened up to my husband about where I was at.  He of course is not blind and knew something was up.  But, as he’s learned over our seven years together, I have to come to the realization and open up when I’m ready.  And I had never felt more ready.  We knew I needed to seek out help, but weren’t sure what that looked like.  I reflected on what I’ve tried in the past; therapy, medication, energy work, hypnosis and what continues to work for me now; acupuncture, supplements/herbs, meditation.  I wanted something that would help me stay on track and where I would have the chance to really see results.  Thanks to a lovely little thing called Google, I got to work.  A few hours later I had my first consultation set up with a life coach. Something I had never tried before, but I thought…it can’t hurt right?

I’m excited to report that I just had a successful first session with my life coach last week, and, while I would love to have had everything fixed and figured out in that first hour :P, I know there are good things to come for this gal.  My 3-month program will be challenging, overwhelming at times and uncomfortable.  But, I know that when those emotions creep up, I will remind myself what Beverly Sills once said, “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going”.

Stylish & Scatterbrained takes a different turn starting today.  I tend to be an open book, and as I embark on this new journey to a fashionable life of health and happiness, I want to share it with you.  If you’re out there and feeling stuck or feeling like you want more out of life, I hope my blog can in some way shape or form inspire you, show you that you’re not alone and of course offer a wide array of style to encourage you to live life beautifully on the inside and out:)


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