Color Theory


It’s interesting for me when I look at these photos to see so much black.  Up until about a year ago, I hardly owned any black in my wardrobe except for a couple of basics that I would incorporate from time to time.  For whatever reason, I used to associate me wearing black as being depressing, sad and boring.  Maybe I was afraid that wearing the bleak color would only reveal to others where I was actually at, and that terrified me. So what did I do?  I doused myself in color, tried to cover up any sense of gloom that may have been lurking beneath the surface, and hopefully portray a Megan that was lively, happy and anything but boring.

However, over this past year, it quickly became apparent that I had it all wrong.  Most times when I would don such colorful outfits, I didn’t feel that confident and most importantly, I didn’t feel like myself.  So little by little, I started shedding the “shoulds” I had from my previous beliefs about color and style.  Instead of checking to see what colors went best with my skin tone and constantly pulling up Pinterest to see what others were wearing to validate if my selections were on point, I put my blinders on and started to shop and style myself based on how I felt and what actually made me feel good (I know, what a concept!).  And you know what I realized?  Black is anything but depressing, sad and boring!  It’s actually quite a fun color that I feel I can be really creative with.  That’s not to say that you won’t see me rockin’ the colors of the rainbow anymore, but now you’ll know that when I do it’s because it feels right, not forced:).

So yeah, feeling good with this look and had some fun playing with the different textures!  I was pretty excited when I saw these petite faux leather leggings, and even more thrilled when they fit! This duster I’m wearing thanks to Windsor is actually sleeveless and has an envelope front, which I’ll be happy to show when the weather gets a bit warmer :D.  The silver stilettos and chain help break up the outfit a little and add a little pizzazz.  On a side note, Steve is starting to see what it’s like to have a sister since I keep raiding his wardrobe for my beloved oversized pieces, sorry babe :) .






Sweater: Banana Republic (borrowed from my guy) Envelope Duster: c/o Windsor  or similar Leather Leggings: Ann Taylor (available in petite and regular) Pumps: Elizabeth & James Bag: Inzi (similar)




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