I Could Get Used to This…Goldplaited


A few weeks ago I was invited to receive a blowout and makeup application at a fabulous new finishing salon in Lincoln Park, Goldplaited!  I have only gotten my makeup done a couple of times in my life and had yet to get a blowout, so let’s just say I was super-de-duper excited!  I made my appointment before an event I had later on that evening, and I have to say that it was a nice feeling to leave the house only having to dress myself!

Goldplaited is a go to destination for any gal who wants to take the hassle out of getting ready for your next event or night out.  Whether you’re looking for a blowout, dry styling or makeup, Goldplaited has you covered!  I’m usually rushing around, trying to get ready and it was a nice change of pace to relax and sip on champagne while the stylist and makeup artist worked their magic!


Obsessed with how my hair turned out…you better believe I didn’t wash this out for a couple days :)


Lighting doesn’t do the makeup justice, Zelda did a phenomenal job!  I am not the biggest risk-taker when it comes to doing my own makeup, so I loved that we decided to mix up my routine with a soft smokey eye.


This private room is perfect for your next gathering!


This lovely finishing station that lets you finish your look with some perfume & breath mints:)


It also lets you see how you look when you are taking pictures ….Yeeshk! (I returned the next day so I could get some better lighting)


It took every ounce of me not to jump in that bed and cuddle with little Sheffield!  Looks like this pup employee needs some time off!

My favorite part about the experience?  Well, aside from feeling like a million bucks when I walked out the door, I truly loved how welcoming and sweet the staff was. It was as if I was getting ready with friends I had known for years!  I also had the pleasure of running into and meeting Laurie of 312 Beauty!  Be sure to check out her Goldplaited experience here and see how she quickly became my  go-to for all things beauty!

I am already planning on returning soon with my Mom the next time she is in town, so I hope I’ll run into you too!

** Goldplaited provided me with these services free of charge.  I was not compensated to write this and all opinions are my own :)



  • Laurie says:

    Megan, your hair and makeup looked incredible! I totally loved up on Sheffield that night — he’s so precious.

    It was nice to see you again (albeit super briefly!) last night as well! Thanks for the link:)

  • Stephanie says:

    1. Your hair turned out spectacularly!! And your ombre made it look all the more fabulous.

    2. OH MY GOD, that pup :O

    3. I love your skirt! I’ve been looking for one just like that!

    I keep hearing only amazing things out Goldplaited — I’ll have to stop in soon! The gold and mirrored decor is to die for!

    • Stylish & Scatterbrained says:

      Thank you so much Stephanie! You should definitely check them out…especially with the lovely locks you have!

  • Sarah says:

    I am OBSESSED with your hair. It looks perfect and now I really, really want a blowout!

    • Stylish & Scatterbrained says:

      Thanks Sarah! Highly recommend getting one! It’s nice to sit back and relax, especially with the thick hair that we have!

  • Sara says:

    I’m obsessed with Goldplaited!

  • Jalpa says:

    You look beautiful! I ended up going to their workshop yesterday with my mom and we loved the place. Can’t wait to go back for the full experience. Hopefully we can do a mommy-daughter date night together.

  • Georgina says:

    This is going to be the beginning of a very wonderful obsession (I can tell!) You look fantastic Megan and thank you for such a thorough review!!! xo

  • Sarah says:

    You’ve made it official- I need to get a blowout sometime. I’m thinking just before my baby shower would be perfect timing.

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